Our Mission Statement

Here at Ammendments, we believe a regular exercise routine can help people improve other aspects of their life, such as their confidence, mental health, and overall physical well-being.

 It’s common knowledge that having a consistent exercise routine is beneficial to the average person. Most people think that’s because exercise keeps their body in shape by allowing them to maintain their weight, or lose weight. However, exercising doesn’t just improve one’s physical health, it improves mental health as well. As someone pushes themselves to their limit, or exercises at all, their body releases endorphins. People usually see this release presents itself as a sense of accomplishment . This is experienced whether someone finishes their first workout in years, or has just pushed themselves to finish a much harder workout. Both are feats to be proud of. Their confidence begins to grow, as it should. Their body feels better physically, and so their state of mind matches that. Besides being more confident, people often feel less anxious, depressed, or angry after working out. This is a result of the rush of endorphins, and the body being able to physically release these emotions. It provides an outlet for these emotions that can very easily become overwhelming. The same way shocking the brain by biting a lemon will help someone stop a panic attack, regular exercise can help someone have less of these episodes. 

It is our goal to provide people with the tools they need in order to improve their overall well-being through exercise.